Portsmouth Comic Con


We’ll be appearing at Portsmouth Comic Con this weekend (4th-5th May), taking part in a live panel discussion on entitled ‘Writing America’, in which we’ll talk about how we’ve been inspired by moments from history and our process of turning elements of classic Americana into comic book narratives with a twist.

The panel takes place on Sunday, 1pm, panel room 3.



Comic News Insider Interview

Back in September, we attended Thought Bubble and took part in a panel discussion with Apollo artist, Mike Collins and Comic News Insider host, Jimmy Aquino. Listen to the whole damn thing HERE (not to be missed if you want to hear Chris’s David Lynch in space impression).


Fitch & Baker Vs New York Comic Con

Hey gang, we’ve been busy boys working away in our respective caves these last few weeks but we can now announce a few things… the first is our exciting news about New York Comic Con!

Apollo Thought NYCC Panel.jpg

We shall be on a panel talking about non-fiction comics with some other fantastic creators including Peter Tomasi (The Bridge), Nathan Hale (Lafayette!) Ted Fox and James Otis Smith (Showtime at the Apollo) and Mikaël (Giant).

The panel takes place on Saturday 6th October at 2:30pm in Location 1C03. More details to follow as and when we have them!

We will also have a few signing slots at the Abrams & Chronicle booth so if you’re at the con, please come say hi!

The Art of Apollo and Tumult – Live Q&A


From August 15-30th, The Orbital Comics Gallery will be hosting an exclusive exhibition of artwork by Mike Collins for Apollo, and by Michael Kennedy for Tumult.

The creative teams behind both books will also be in store on Thursday August 16th from 7:30pm for a Q&A, discussing how graphic novels are created from beginning-to-end. We’ll be joined by SelfMadeHero’s sales and marketing director Sam Humphrey, who’ll also be sharing rare and valuable insight from a publisher’s perspective.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the craft of storytelling, the art of collaboration, and pitching your idea to a publisher, this FREE event is for you!

Apollo Launch Party – The Photos

Today we got our hands on the official photos from the sell-out Apollo launch party at Gosh Comics in London. It was a great night with a fantastic turnout and we wish we were still there partying with you all!

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Photography by Mauricio Molizane de Souza

Live Interview with The Comic Consultant and SYSU

This week, we had the pleasure of being interviewed LIVE by the lively and handsome ‘Comic Consultant‘ AKA Michael Ajih and long time friend and collaborator Lawrence Kao from Should You Start Up.

From a recording studio in the deep dark heart of Facebook’s London Headquarters, we talked writing comics, climbing the indie ladder and our latest release, APOLLO. It was a trip! All they asked is that we didn’t swear, other than that it’s no holds bared!

You can watch the full half hour interview here: 






Apollo Review from Publisher’s Weekly

The first Apollo review has dropped and it’s a good one (breathes sigh of relief).

You can read it on the Publisher’s Weekly website, or if that single click is too much of a barrier for you, we’ve handily copied and pasted it below…

“Fitch, Baker, and Collins—a trio of Brits—bring an outsider’s POV to a quintessential American tale in this multi-layered graphic dramatization of the Apollo 11 mission that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and back home again. The narrative opens with a visually dynamic presentation of the Apollo 11 launch at Cape Kennedy and ends with a haunting sequence looking at the Earth from the lunar surface, as the astronauts’ command module slowly recedes from view. All the major events—e.g. “one small step for man”—are represented, but it’s the depictions of smaller moments that set this telling apart. Remarkable scenes include the astronauts doing zero-G push-ups, a cutaway to President Nixon in the White House ranting about how history will blame him if the astronauts die but credit Kennedy if they live, and a truly surreal sequence where command module pilot Michael Collins plays a game of one-on-one basketball on the Sea of Tranquility with a jive-talking hippie who declares “They call me the Spirit of America.” The moon landing is one of the most well-documented events in human history, but it’s reimagined here in a way that makes it feel new again. Lovers of space-race lore will want to pick this up.”

Pipedream Interview

This month’s issue of the Pipedream Pull list is a sci-fi special, featuring an interview with us about in which we discuss Adventures in Science and what good sci-fi means to us.

For all your monthly indie and small press news, check out the Pipedream website here.

Pull List 09 DIGITAL-1Pull List 09 DIGITAL-13

We’re Thought Bubble Guests!

The Thought Bubble guest list is growing and we’re pleased to announce that we’re now on it! We’ll be there all weekend signing copies of Apollo on the SelfMadeHero table as well as taking part in a talk (details TBC).



Interview in Comic Scene Magazine

A new magazine covering the UK comic scene old and new is out today. Comic Scene UK is a full-colour quality monthly magazine available in 26 Forbidden Planet stores across the UK, digital worldwide and by mail order.

The first issue of this exciting new magazine features an interview with us, in which we talk about Apollo, our writing process, and working with Artist Mike Collins.


For more info, and to subscribe to ComicScene UK, click here.