Our Land

our land cover

Written by Matt Fitch and Chris Baker
Illustrated, coloured and lettered by J Francis Totti
Published by Action Lab Comics

Our Land is a four-issue miniseries that tells the story of Kasa and Dena, native American siblings living in the shadow of white society in 1940s New Mexico. When a close encounter with a crashed alien craft grants Dena strange and dangerous powers, the status quo takes an unexpected turn. A high concept ‘what-if’ that blends sci-fi, action and vintage Americana to tell a story about family, racial tension and what it means to be human.

UPDATE JUNE 2020: In light of recent events and out of respect for the Native American community we have made the decision to put the Our Land project on hold until further notice.

Our Land page 1-6 2019Our Land page 1-6 2019Our Land page 1-6 2019