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“The moon landing is one of the most well-documented events in human history, but it’s reimagined here in a way that makes it feel new again.”
Publishers Weekly

“Writers Fitch and Baker create a suspense-filled story. They convey surprising depth and emotion, as well as rich historical details of the era.”
– Andrea Gawrylewski, 
Scientific American

“A book that demands to be read in one go.”
– William Rycroft, Waterstones

“Compelling and Epic.”
– Tom Tivnan, Times Literary Review

“Making a familiar story thrilling and wondrous again.”
The Spectator

“A thought-provoking souvenir of human tenacity, creativity and achievement. 8/10”
Starburst Magazine

“Fitch and Baker capture both the spectacle and the sheer humanity of the Moon landing… Apollo is a stunning achievement”
– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“Fitch and Baker transform the factual into a moving and involving story.”
– Tim Cundle, Mass Movement

“With a huge amount of suspense and a lot of heart… you’ll be left enthralled.”
– Get Your Geek On

“It’s Brilliant. Buy it now.”
– Eamonn Murphy, SFCrowsNest

“We need books like Apollo more than ever.”
– Book Munch

“A wondrous and truly immersive reading experience… Apollo is a must-read.”– Eamonn Murphy, The Brazen Bull

“Apollo is clearly a labour of love for all involved and it shows on every page. An intelligently written and emotionally thoughtful telling of this story”
– Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

“Keeps this well-worn story feeling fresh and exciting.”
– Craig Nielson-Adams, Big Comic Page

“I wasn’t quite ready for how moving it was.”
– Vic Sage, Retroist

“A revelation… truly wonderful from beginning to end.”
– ComicScene UK

“Apollo is an ambitious attempt to present its subject in a way that is tangible and mythic, resulting in a book that feels studiously researched and deeply considered”
– SciFiNow Magazine

“This incredible graphic novel is a love letter to the Moon landings and the passion for the subject drips off every page. ★★★★★”
– The Book Bag



Bleeding Cool

Pipedream Comics

Heroes Direct

A Place to Hang Your Cape / Podcapers


Campaign Magazine



“An engrossing and entertaining anthology…Adventures in Science is just about the most appropriately named comic I have ever read.”
A Place to Hang Your Cape

“If you’re a fan of comics like Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire, this will certainly keep you gripped… Adventures in Science is a selection of stories you should definitely be reading.”
Heroes Direct

“This is an anthology brimming with talent and innovation. If these artist and writers aren’t already familiar, likely they will be soon enough.”
The Brazen Bull


Pipedream Comics

Fanbase Press



“A satisfying, genre-mashing treat.★★★★★”
Big Comic Page

“Reddin is a comic that deserves your time. It is a gripping tale of brutality in the old west wrapped in a supernatural shroud of purest evil… 9/10″
Nerd Rock from the Sun

“Reddin is a masterpiece just waiting to be discovered”
Bloodbath & Beyond

“Reddin is a clever mash-up of supernatural western with an intriguing and genuinely creepy villain.”
David Michelinie (Marvel Comics, co-creator of Venom)

“Fitch, Baker and Boyle deliver a tale of revenge in a supernatural western that doesn’t hold any punches”
Laurence Campbell (Wolverine, Punisher, 2000AD)

“The strong characters and slick dialogue help build a world that I can only hope they’ll revisit further down the line.”
Comics Anonymous

“A well-crafted tale of supernatural loss and betrayal… Reddin provides a wonderful escape full of rousing occult adventure, while paying tribute to all of our favourite legendary ‘pardners’.”
Broken Frontier


A Place to Hang Your Cape

Bleeding Cool